Perfect sight, on site

Perfect sight, on site

Real-time images of on-going construction projects enabling architects to see their visions transform from on-screen images and models to bricks, concrete and mortar is an emerging field in design technology.

A growing number of construction professionals across the Middle East are beginning to make use of high-definition on-site cameras – as the devices offer a huge benefit across the industry.

Firstly, users are able to monitor sites from remote locations, cutting down on travel costs and reducing carbon emissions.

Secondly, by accurately documenting the construction process from beginning to end, with panoramic photographs consisting of up to one billion pixels, the technology enables project leaders to avoid disputes over when particular tasks were completed.

Brian Cury, founder and CEO of EarthCam, is a pioneer in this area which allows users to view jobsite activity via live-streamed video links, or to capture megapixel photographs that can be used for documentation and marketing purposes.

He explained that construction camera technology enables users to monitor, document and promote their projects.

“EarthCam originated from a combination of interlinking ideas,” said Cury. “My background is in television and film, so when I founded the company back in 1996, I did so because I was intrigued by the possibility of connecting cameras to the internet.

“In 1995, there were fewer than 500 cameras connected to the internet. Moreover, at the time, transmitting in this way required a satellite and tens of thousands of dollars. Even so, the broadcast potential of this emerging field fascinated me.

“Users realised that they could save time and money by viewing things remotely, but in real time. That was when this technology ceased to be a novelty and became a serious business tool. There were clear applications within a huge number of sectors, including construction, transport and tourism. A picture tells a thousand words, but more importantly, it doesn’t lie. It is what it is – it’s live.”

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