The Pavilion to host events for Festival of Interior Design

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai has announced it will host three days of design-centric events for the inaugural Festival of Interior Design (FoID).

The space is an existing artistic venue for the local UAE artist community, and the three-day program will include design talks, movie screenings, networking events and other activities under the themes – prognostication, preservation, and illumination.

“We are very excited to host these events as part of the inaugural Festival of Interior Design as this will also allow us to live up to our vision of being a prime venue where the local artistic community can meet, hold art exhibitions and host lectures and workshops,” said Yasmine Rasool, art coordinator, The Pavilion Downtown Dubai.

Rasool said The Pavilion’s partnership with APID is due to the common goal of showcasing creativity of emerging talents in the UAE and being a platform to discuss new trends and issues in the artistic community.

Prognostication day will be held on October 22, 2011 and will include a seminar titled Catch the Colour by NCS, movie screenings, and a presentation on the latest design trends by Scarlet Opus.

The second day will be Illumination day and will feature a presentation by Danilo Mandelli from Viabizzuno on the Eight rules of Light in addition to a lighting workshop and lighting themed soiree by multi-award winning lighting designer Beau McClellan.

The third and final day called Preservation day will include a screening of the movie Greenhouse followed by a video teleconference with Greenhouse creator Joost Bakker. The day will conclude with a networking event featuring young British artist Amartey Golding who will create live art at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai.

Bakker is a discipline-crossing creative who constantly draws on his ‘horti-culture’ to make artful commentary on the world’s wasteful ways. He has been commissioned to design furniture, vertical gardens and event spaces in his trademark style juxtaposing nature and industry. “Being able to reach out to a Middle East audience allows me to convey my vision of a more environment friendly world to live in,” said Bakker.

Under his design firm, Beau McClellan Design, McClellan has created a wide collection of lighting based products and has also been commissioned to render lighting design services for film, set design, music and advertising.

Scarlet Opus is a business development and trend forecasting company specialising in interior products and services. The company offers strategic services like trends forecasting, business development and product design. Meanwhile, Amartey Golding is a young British artist who draws large figurative portraits on paper and canvas mixed with photography.

“The Middle East region has a wonderful cultural heritage demonstrating a wonderful synthesis of vibrant hues and colors in traditional Arabic elements. Our presentation at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai will focus on talking new trends and sharing a view of the future in consumer motivation, design direction and color,” said said Phil Pond, Dream Weaver, Scarlet Opus.

FoID is being organised by the Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) and will run in conjunction with this year’s eINDEX International Design Exhibition 2011 from October 22 -24, 2011 throughout Dubai.

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