Passenger cabin designed to give ultimate luxury air travel

Passenger cabin designed to give ultimate luxury air travel

Seymourpowell has designed a first-class aircraft cabin with private rooms that feature full-size beds and a system to anticipate the needs of passengers.

The London firm identified three key elements that an ideal first-class cabin would offer – hotel-like accommodation, new technologies, and a luxury feel.

Applying these criteria to the first-class section of an Airbus A380 – an aircraft used by many Middle East carriers including Emirates and Etihad –  would create “the boutique hotel of the skies”, said the designers.

“We’ve long been considering ways to create aircraft interiors that can adapt more to suit the needs of passengers and add flexibility to the business models of airlines,” said Jeremy White, head of transport at Seymourpowell.

In Seymourpowell’s first-class cabin design, travellers would be able chose from four single rooms or two double rooms – both of which would offer private accommodation.

As well a proper bed, each room would include storage space for luggage, a hanging space and drawers for clothes, a large table that deploys from the window side, and a tablet to control all room functions.

Seymourpowell has also conceived a service system to anticipate the needs of the passenger. Called the Smart Inflight Service System. This would gather information from sensors in the room and add it to data about each passenger’s preferences and feed them back to the cabin crew.


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