PAB Architects design wooden desk accessories

PAB Architects design wooden desk accessories

A Latin phrase “Horror Vacui” which can be translated as fear of empty space, is the filling of the entire surface or an artwork with overwhelming details in visual arts. PAB Architects borrows this idea for their design “Horror Vacui!”, a desk accessory, to describe the current formation of cities and planning problems in their country.

Arkitera Architecture Center based in Istanbul invited PAB Architects, as the recipient of Young Architect Award of 2015, to design a gift to celebrate Arkitera’s 15th anniversary. “Horror Vacui!” designed by PAB Architects is an organiser for stationary in the form of a city plan.

The organizer holds pens, post-its, paper clips, note and business cards in the voids of the streets and open spaces in between the city blocks. The city plans are imprinted on natural wooden blocks by CNC router.








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