Origin’s windows protect against heat

Origin’s windows protect against heat

Origin has recently released a new range of windows and doors that protect against the Middle East heat and dust.

The high-performance glazed units provide a secure and thermally efficient ‘glass wall’.

“The uniquely integrated thermal break system compartmentalises the window cavity, ensuring that there is no transfer of heat from the outside inside. This is achieved through interlocking polyamide legs which significantly reduce the flow of air and heat from one side of the window to the other, minimising the window’s thermal transmittance.

“This has a significant effect on stabilising internal temperatures which in turn reduces the running costs of essential air conditioning units here, and the carbon footprint of all equipped homes,” says Guy Dawson, general manager from Origin.

The Middle East is a key market for Origin, hence the windows and doors were designed with area’s average climate in mind.

Origin applies solar control glass, which it finds to be an attractive feature for this part of the world that helps control glare and reduce the use of air conditioning.

Additionally, the windows and doors are available in a range of customisable sizes and colours, including woodgrains and dual colours.

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