Open garden house revealed in Vietnam

Vietnamese architecture firm A21 Studio has completed an open garden house called “The Nest” in local city Binh Duong Province.

The aim of the new home was to “look green” while also fitting in with the neighbouring houses.

The structure’s framework consists of steel beams, while the exterior is clad with lightweight mesh and corrugated panels.

The outer facade is transparent and serves as a fence for the house.

The ground floor, which is open from the front and rear, boasts a simple living room and kitchen that opens up to the small garden that surrounds the home.

Adding spirit to the house are the colourful ceramic tiles that reach out from the structure’s roof into the surrounding garden. The tiles also clad the kitchen island, which extends along the ground floor.

Reclaimed furniture is positioned throughout and compliments the lively flooring.

A21 Studio also arranged the plants so they would grow vertically along the mesh panelling.


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