Omran Creative Design League will allow Omani designers and architects to boost tourism

Omran Creative Design League will allow Omani designers and architects to boost tourism

Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) has launched the Omran Creative Design League, comprised of up-and-coming young Omani architects and designers, in a bid to create world-class destinations in the country.

As reported by Hotelier Middle East , the initiative is looking to recruit up to 20 League members, all of whom will be employed by Omran. Stand-out candidates will be given the opportunity to undertake a summer course at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD).

The formation of the league, with its vision to become the leading independent forum for architecture, design and urban planning in the Sultanate, is a step in Omran’s task of creating quality destinations and urban centres that will build capacity and capability within the tourism sector.

The league will be primarily involved in the design of the Mina Sultan Qaboos Waterfront Project Muscat and the Madinat Al Irfan Urban Centre, in addition to being embedded with the various local and international architecture, landscape and interior-design companies contracted by Omran.

Commenting on the initiative, eingineer Ammar Al Kharusi said: “Omran is now inviting talented candidates to be part of the Oman Design League. The League will promote excellence in architecture, design and urbanism, and foster debate about the critical design and urban planning issues of our time. The League will also offer opportunities to young architects, engineers, landscape and interior designers to work on some of the largest developments underway in the Sultanate.”

“Having completed a year with Omran and with a commitment to continue with the organisation for another three years, selected successful candidates will be sent to the six-week summer Career Discovery program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. At Omran we believe our most valuable resource are our people and we are firmly committed to nurturing talent. Helping to build the skills of promising designers in addition to providing opportunities will not only benefit the individual and our company, but also the nation as a whole in the years to come,” Al Kharusi concluded.

Applications for the Oman Design League can register online at or send their portfolio to Portfolio should include concept ideas for the Mina Sultan Qaboos Waterfront Project and Madinat Al Irfan. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of both local and international architecture and design specialists.


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