Oman to build water park to boost tourism

Oman to build water park to boost tourism

Plans for a new water park in Muscat have been announced as Oman seeks to promote tourism and cut down on its reliance on oil revenue.

The Oman Tourism Development Company (Omran) unveiled the project which forms part of the National CEO Programme (NCP) – a first-of-its-kind strategy addressing Oman’s private sector’s needs for business leaders and executives.

Through the NCP, an all-Omani team of six executives spent a year developing a detailed business plan for the concept.

The move is aimed at inspiring domestic tourism, with the majority of the Omani population currently choosing to visit the nearby UAE, with official statistics showing more than a million people visited the Emirates from Oman in 2015 alone – more than a fifth of the population.

“Omran’s mission is to seek and support projects of national significance that can help position Oman as a leading global visitor destination,” said Omran CEO James Wilson.

“We actively look to support develop and grow national capacities to develop and manage these projects, which is why we are fully committed to collaborating with the NCP. In addition, it is one of our key performance objectives to train and develop the future executive leaders in Omran.”

The project will be developed and financed in partnership with the private sector, with reported significant interest by local investors to take part in the project.

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