Oman EcoHouse Design competition launched

Oman EcoHouse Design competition launched

Oman, Oman EcoHouse Design

The Research Council (TRC) has announced the launch of the Oman EcoHouse Design competition.

Through research and innovation in architecture, environment and renewable energy, the competition wants to raise awareness of the importance of green building and eco-design, according to Dr. Saif Al Hiddabi, assistant secretary general for research, TRC.

He added the promotion of research and innovation in high quality, cost-effective and cost-efficient eco-building design, which helps with Oman’s sustainable, social and economic development is important for TRC.

“The Oman EcoHouse Design competition taps into the rich legacy of Oman’s architectural heritage and the talents of the tech-savvy generation that is our youth; we look to the achievements of our past to inspire their creativity and imagination,” said Al Hiddabi

He said energy conservation and developing renewable energy, along with preserving the environment, are among the priorities of Oman’s eighth five-year development plan and TRC has designed the competition along with a variety of government agencies.

“We welcome entries to the competition from Higher Education Institutions across Oman. Entrants will compete in designing houses that are innovative in architecture, engineering and inspiration. The designs will incorporate smart technology and may either use new ideas or reinterpret traditional styles,” he said.

“The competition supports creativity in higher education and encourages a culture of innovation in its participants – that is, the translation of ideas into useful products. The students will learn how to take an idea and develop it into a product that has scientific, social or economic uses. The participants will gain a great deal from the whole research process and will be able to transfer these lessons to other fields and as a result help progress in these areas too,” said Al Hiddabi.

He also said a by-product of the competition will be the partnerships and co-operation it will create between the academia, commerce and industry and government. “The flow of technology and information among and between people, organisations and institutions – business, universities, research institutes and government is key to the innovative process at the national level. The competition will be an important link in the development of the national innovation ecosystem.”

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