Oman-based Pulse of Life creates rustic concept for Muscat gym

Oman-based Pulse of Life creates rustic concept for Muscat gym

Oman-based design house the Pulse of Life has recently designed a new gym in Muscat – The Wellness Centre at The Wave. The project was handled by Pulse of Life from conceptual design right through to supervision and handover.

Saniya Chughtai, interior architect and the founder of Pulse of Life Design House explains that the design focus is innovative and visionary, and the style is buttressed by a high-end hotel spa look.

This conceptual design is based on a contemporary rustic concept with a natural element. Key aspects have been taken in consideration in regards to colour and materials – premium health centre, statement design, quality and design that is an extension of the brand message.

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“Given the definition of ‘Wellness’ is ‘the quality or state of being healthy in body & mind’, particular attention has been placed on how we would like the patrons of the Centre to feel,” says Chughtai.

The grey palette is the primary colour, which is complemented by teal blue.

“Both hues are harmonised by the use of warm wood and brick cladding. Keeping in line with ‘The Wellness Centre’ brand, teal blue radiates clarity of thought, balance & harmony, healing and self-sufficiency.

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“Oak hardwood, which symbolises power, strength and endurance, is used in direct contrast to the cool greys and teal blue, to add warmth and richness to the design concept. It also has good strength properties relative to its weight and possess excellent shock resistance. The brick element represents progress, development & stability, and adds an earthy feel to the design.”

According to the designer, all elements come together to create a sophisticated and natural concept with ‘wow’ factors complementing the brand.

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