Koolhaas’ OMA to design Kuwait department store

Koolhaas’ OMA to design Kuwait department store

OMA is designing a new department concept store in Kuwait City called ‘The Exhibition Hall,’ led by OMA partners Iyad Alsaka and Rem Koolhaas, in partnership with Tamdeen Real Estate Co.

The department store will showcase the creativity of the region through a flexibly curated retail space featuring cultural programs, exhibitions and installations.

Being both a department store and a public events space, The Exhibition Hall aims to re-establish the historic Kuwaiti connection between culture and commerce.

The space covers 9, 400m2 of three floors, with natural light suffused throughout the day, and a glowing aspect presented to the street at night through a new translucent façade.

Reminiscent of the long passages of the souk, a series of galleries will be introduced with multifunctional partition walls with circular cut outs accommodating transversal access while offering shifting views.

OMA’s other retail projects include the Prada Epicentres in New York and Los Angeles, USA, a department store for Viktor & Rolf and Coach as well as an exhibition on the history of Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

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