Olympic-themed memorial museum under construction

Olympic-themed memorial museum under construction

Designed by Dutch architects HAO and Beijing studio Archiland, the Samaranch Memorial Museum is now under construction in Tianjin, China and due for completion in the next year.

Inspired by the five rings of the Olympics, the dramatic building commemorates the legacy of Juan Antonio Samaranch, the former president of the International Olympic Committee.

“With the design of the Samaranch Memorial Museum we propose to merge two existing typologies: the memorial and the museum. This new combination allows the building to both honor the life of Juan Antonio Samaranch while simultaneously creating a place which focuses on the true legacy of the Olympics: creating opportunities for people to meet and celebrate across cultural and geographical boundaries,” said Jens Holm, founder, HAO

Defined by two main parts along with three counterparts, the first of the primary rings holds the exhibition of the Olympic influence on China while the memorial exhibition and garden to Samaranch is placed in the second.

The two primary rings are interlocked in the shape of an eight, and are linked internally to create a continuous exhibition loop.

The other three extended sunken courtyards serve as space for temporary exhibitions, administration and research.

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