Offshore airport design unveiled for the UK

Offshore airport design unveiled for the UK

British marine consulting engineers, Beckett Rankine has proposed a design for an offshore airport located on the Goodwin sands in the UK territorial waters.

With the UK’s biggest airports pushing their limit, there has been multiple proposals for alternative airport projects including the ‘London Britannia Airport’ by Norman Foster.

The Goodwin airport has proved to be the most affordable option as well as offering a number of advantages including no impact on protected environment, no displacement of residents and being at a close proximity to London’s high speed rail.

Starting with the construction of three runways served by one terminal building linked to satellite units with up to 150 aircraft slots, the airport’s location will allow for 24/7 operations with a capacity of up to 150 million passengers per year.

With an unconstrained green-field site, Beckett Rankine argues that Goodwin airport may be the best of its kind in the world.


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