New office uses ‘zero wood’ strategy

Qihoo 360 Headquarters in Beijing, China undergoes redesign by David Ho, chief designer of edg Corporation.

Inspired by physics and the recent revelation of the Higgs particle, the new design incorporates large round capsules that provide communal or private space for employees to brainstorm.

Seated on bamboo flooring that’s covered with green textile to evoke the grassy land, the capsules are made of straw board, a renewable by-product.

Made from 100% superior wheat straw, the straw board uses zero wood and provides sustainable and healthy alternative, as it also employs a formaldehyde-free adhesive with a hot press process and low carbon finishing.

Additionally, the new office includes a centre meeting area, which consists of three round public meeting rooms and the workstations are posted along the large windows, allowing employees to bask in natural light.

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