Top launches Art Library launches Art Library, an online resource centre for interior design products and services has launched an art library to transform how interior designers, architectural firms, and publishers find art for hospitality projects and art licensing.

Headquartered in Yorba Linda, California, the company is the culmination of its founders’ Michele Preston and Michele Wiemann’s 25 years of industry expertise.

They recently teamed up with a new art director, Wendy Froshay, a design manager with over 30 years experience in art, graphic design, and licensing.

“Our goal is to help talented artists succeed and make finding the perfect artwork simple, easy and reliable,” said Preston.

“We feel that as interior designers we can better communicate what the industry looks for in colour, style, and size.

“We also have the ability to create new or modify current pieces for that perfect unique piece upon request.” works with interior designers, architects, private collectors, alliances.

They streamline the whole process for them, reducing the need to spend time searching and sifting through anonymous art submissions that typically don’t meet quality standards.

Interested companies are given a password to access the art library online to find what they are looking for and set up a contract to license the artwork that meets their criteria.

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