Nuno Simões completes staircase in Portugal’s historic caves

Lisbon based architect from DNSJ.arq, Nuno Simões, has completed his renovation of a series of staircases at Gruto do Escoural, an historic cave site in Portugal’s Alentejo region.

The limestone caves, known for their paleontology importance, previously contained decaying steps, which have now been replaced with new steel structures with ipê timber boards.

“The assignment was to build a new structure to replace the former temporary structure, which was in very poor condition, and a new antechamber,” Simões told design blog Dezeen.

He continued: “We decided that this structure should be opaque and black in sharp contrast with the light colour of the limestone cave.”

Additionally, the architects built a new anti-chamber that regulates the thermal exchange between the outdoors and inside.

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