Nulty launches Dubai-based boutique architectural lighting service

Nulty launches Dubai-based boutique architectural lighting service

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Lighting design consultants Nulty has launched a boutique sister-company called Studio N in Dubai to accommodate design firms and projects “with limited budgets”.

Studio N is based out of Dubai but offers lighting consultancy across the Middle East region.

The company’s founder Paul Nulty said he noticed a growing need for a flexible business that can service interior, architecture, and landscape projects that have smaller budgets.

“Studio N is a creative design and supply studio with a focus on excellent design that simplifies the lighting design process, while retaining quality of service,” said Nulty.

“Top calibre staff nurture client relations and deliver projects efficiently and on tight budgets. Studio N creates beautiful lighting schemes and luminaire solutions that provide excellent value for money.”

“We interpret the client’s brief then offer up the best creative solutions and deliver them quickly and efficiently, making the whole experience as streamlined as possible. Studio N takes the concept, sorts out the technical bit then delivers the results. Simple,” he added.



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