Now for the Kingdom Tower says Spiderman

Now for the Kingdom Tower says Spiderman

Climber Alain Robert said the last part of his record breaking ascent of Dubai’s Cayan Tower proved the most difficult – and he has set his sights on  a new target in the Middle East.

“By that stage I was feeling the pain,” he said. “Especially in my fingers and toes. Then the building itself took me by surprise. The windows of the luxury apartments at the top were much larger than I had expected – up to one-and-a-half times in fact. That made finding a hold more difficult.”

Robert, nicknamed Spiderman, got support in the form of energy drinks from residents of the apartments as he steadily ascended past their windows.

He also waved a flag with the logo of developers and tower owners Cayan on it – but not for long.

“I didn’t want to risk losing my connectivity and my rhythm,” he said. “I was close to the top by then and I wanted to complete the climb.”

Robert now has his eye  on another regional challenge – Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower.

“I am 52 now but if they complete it in, say, four years I would like to have a go,” he said. “It’s 1,000 metres tall and there something mythical about that number.”

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