Norman Foster says Apple’s Headquarters design could have looked further into the future

Norman Foster says Apple’s Headquarters design could have looked further into the future

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Lord Norman Foster

Norman Foster has spent the last eight years working on his firm, Foster + Partners’ glass-covered Apple Campus 2 in California, designed in direct collaboration with the late CEO, Steve Jobs.

During the Wired Business Conference, an event held by the technology magazine, Foster said that he if he had a second chance, he would have tried to push a more future-oriented approach to the underground garage of the Campus.

The recently constructed Apple headquarters features a huge underground garage built to hold 11,000 vehicles.

According to Wired, the architect said: “The only hesitation I have is in terms of the changing patterns of transportation”, remarking at the rapid development of transpiration, where in the future, vehicles and garages will be far less of a necessity.

“Maybe the conventional garage needs to be rethought and rethought now,” he added. “Maybe if I had a second time around I’d be putting a lot of persuasive pressure to say, “Make the floor-to-floor of a car park that much bigger, so if you’re not going to be filling it with cars in the future, you could more easily retrofit it for more habitable space.”

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He explained that the future of the workplace is dependent on flexibility.

“From the very beginning I have protested the idea that an office headquarters, whether it’s mega or micro, is only about work. It’s about a lifestyle,” Foster said.

Foster + Partners has recently announced its official office opening in Dubai. The firm has also recently completed the Apple Store  Dubai Mall , which features solar-powered doors that connect the indoor with the outdoors.

During an office design special report, Dubai-based firm X Works said office design in the Middle East is still ‘old school’.

Matthew Sexton of Perkins+Will has also written about the future of office design, contrasting the work space from the 50s until today, and looking at what is next.

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