CID Awards 2013 – Nomination highlights

CID Awards 2013 is closer than ever and to give you a glimpse into what we have in store, CID’s editorial team has sorted through the nominations and chosen five highlights from the project categories.

The awards ceremony, set for September 16 a JW Marriott Marquis is fast approaching and the shortlist is just about complete. Though, before it’s released, we thought we’d throw in something a little extra—a nod, of sorts, t0 five special nominated projects.

The air is tense, and we can feel it! So, it’s worth keeping in mind that these projects aren’t guaranteed an award, but they are definitely worth noting. And while there were quite a number of impressive projects nominated, the editorial team managed to narrow the list of highlights down to a cool five.

The projects listed just beyond these words are the editor’s pick for project highlights, and CID hopes that readers enjoy the preview as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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The Hub
Designed by LW Design and manufactured and installed by AMBB Interiors

A nominated candidate for the American Hardwood Export Council’s outstanding use of American hardwood in the Middle East, The Hub’s expert use of American white oak timber calmly flows throughout the design from the floors, to the ceiling trellis, to the bars and furniture.

The interior is sophisticated, and the design is entirely consistent from the entrance to the back.

The entire restaurant almost recalls imagery of an upscale cabin, with the variety of winterly materials like the cow hide rug. The fluid combination of design elements including the antler-shaped lamps, leather couches, and the blue under-glow that frames the entrance desk make The Hub truly stand out.

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Miu Shanghai Restaurant
Designed by Bishop Design

Nominated for Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Leisure and Entertainment, Miu Shanghai offers contemporary Asian fusion cuisine, and its interior design is one that has certainly embraced the theme.

Taking traditional Asian eatery design to a whole new level, the restaurant captures the ambiance of navigating through a busy street in Shanghai, with the abundant hanging lamp shades, the use of a vibrant colour range, and the space dynamics that bring guests from one area to another.

Currently located in the Mall of the Emirates, the Asian restaurant has certainly triumphed in its design. Even from the exterior, those passing by are likely to be curious about the restaurant that had the courage to not take itself so seriously and really pop out.

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Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre & UAE World
Designed by Challabi Architects & Partners, constructed by Ed Zublin, with finishes executed by Fino International

The Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre was nominated for Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Leisure and Entertainment. The museum stands out for its unique shape and fearlessly contemporary design. Additionally, it hopes to achieve LEED Platinum and Estidama 5 Pearls, marking its environmentally friendly design and architecture.

The design team took an artistic approach to the construction and design, and regarded the building as a sculptural block that would be slowly carved through and moulded over time to reveal powerful interior volumes and functional space dynamics.

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Brand Creative Offices
Designed by Brand Creative

Local design agency, Brand Creative, completed its new office design in 2012. The office, nominated for Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Office, boasts a bright, sleek and clean design that represents the agency and its work perfectly.

Brand Creative has completed a number of projects since its inception a few years bakc. And while each stands apart from the rest, they all bare two things in common: clean lines and artistry.

The office incorporates such aesthetics through the large ampersand structures, the polished white furniture and surfaces, and the motivational images of historically creative icons. What we love most about it is its bold application
of bright blue—it pops out without taking over.

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Roberto’s restaurant
Designed by Draw Link Group

Nominated for Middle East Interior Design of the Year: Leisure and Entertainment, Roberto’s restaurant sources its inspiration from the cool ambiance of the Mediterranean Sea. Using a mix of simple and neutral materials including leather, wood and travertine marble with bursts of violet and orange, Roberto’s evokes the essential energy of the region and incorporates its original theme.

The space is perfectly split into four rooms, including the main dining room, a lounge, a terrace and a cellar, offering a range of seating areas and a diverse experience depending on personal preference. The most pleasant and original touch to the design, however, is the Spanish Orange tree, offering a true feel to the space as well as adding a sense of nature to the environment.

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