Nodus and Matali Crasset unite to create Big Leaf

Big Leaf, the new rug designed for Nodus Limited Edition by the French designer, Matali Crasset, is featuring in the installation“le blobterre de matali,” at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, this month.

In the blobterre, the rug lies in the heart of a dome shaped sprout, called extratoof. Big Leaf is like a circle of enormous leaves that gives the rug a jagged profile.

An earth coloured rib, made of hand-twisted cotton fringes, completes each leaf.

“First of all we are encouraged to go around the rug and discover the four essences forming the scent of the blobterre: penetrating then into the carpet and seating on it, we can appreciate the sweetness of the perfume, as the final bouquet recomposes,” said Crasset.

The blobterre by Crasset is a piece of fiction, an area of freedom. It’s a representation of a different world with its logic, smells, noises and natural elements in which you can explore, imagine, create.

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