Nissan unveils interior design for New York cab

When New York City announced back in May that Nissan’s NV200 had won New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow competition, the automaker had yet to finalise an interior design for the cab.

Five months later, Nissan has finally settled on a design and is currently previewing it to New Yorkers, reported

At first glance, the rendering doesn’t look any different from the interiors of its current taxis, but key new details include a flat floor, which means no more forced fetal positions, passenger controlled rear-seat heat and air conditioning, a rear-seat entertainment centre, and easy-to-clean rear seats.

The NV200’s rendering also shows off the minivan’s transparent roof, which means tourists can look up to view the city’s skyscrapers.

The other feature Nissan says the NV200 will have when it hits New York streets in 2013 is the USB charging device in the passenger’s cabin.

Nissan is currently showing off the NV200’s interior at the Nissan ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Design Expo in New York City, which is open to the public this week.

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