Nike Headquarters redesigned by Rosie Lee

British agency Rosie Lee redesigns sports footwear giant Nike’s head office in London, England.

The three-floor office contains themed zones which involve designated colours, hand-painted illustrations and text graphics that reference milestones from the brand’s history created by commissioned artists and illustrators.

The firm’s head office honours much of its successful past and makes note of it throughout the designed zones. For example, the Air Max 180 zone features a gallery of artwork from the original Air Max 180 launch campaign of 1991.

Additionally, Nike commissioned a number of illustrators and artists to create stunning and complex murals that incorporate the brand’s footwear along with British nostalgia, like London’s landmarks and cultural symbols.

And as a node to DIY furniture culture, the office boasts reclaimed material, mainly in the social area where the tables are made of recycled wood originating from basketball courts.


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