NGS Group of Companies launches design studio

NGS Group of Companies launches design studio

As part of NGS Group of Companies, under which NGS Architects and NGS Materials fall, a new design concept has been recently established in Dubai called NGS Studio.

Brought to the market in collaboration with American brand Vintage Industrial, NGS Studio serves to provide vintage and retro designed furniture pieces to the UAE. From tables to storage units, the designs boast solid materials like reclaimed wood, structural steel and glass.

Nabil Sherif, CEO of NGS Group of Companies, says there is definitely an opening in the regional market for industrial design at the moment. He adds: “We believe industrial design is a niche in this developing market. We introduced reclaimed materials into the market initially through NGS Materials and till today, we are the sole providers offering excellent service as well as exceptional products.

“We are sure NGS Studio will succeed too, and follow suit in the same footsteps. Dubai, and the region as a whole, is developing fast and it is important to notice this as a business owner who wants to expand his brand.”

The pieces are designed by Vintage Industrial, while NGS Studio provides consultation on a regular basis to ensure the designs are suitable for the MENA region. While Sherif is hopeful that this relationship will continue to evolve, he is currently content with the way the business model is working.

At the moment, NGS Studio is focusing on the Middle East and Africa. According to Sherif, the up-and-coming brand is receiving enquiries from Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

He says: “We expect these markets to be most popular as we believe custom, vintage and industrial furniture is a product that isn’t predominantly accessible in the region until today. We are sure that once people become aware of this product, they will warm up to it very quickly.

“We see these pieces as works of art at the end of the day; they can be displayed in gallery spaces for the craftsmanship appreciated by art aficionados or as furniture pieces you own and use on a daily basis because of their artistic appeal, practicality and durability.”

NGS Studio, located in Dubai’s JLT neighbourhood, is currently attracting a number of designers and furniture labels from around the globe who are seeking to provide their clients with a new style that’s relatively new to the region.

Sherif concludes: “NGS Studio was the missing puzzle for NGS Group of Companies, and I’m glad we took this step.”

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