New way of seeing world wins design award

New way of seeing world wins design award

The Good Design Grand Award, Japan’s most prestigious award for design, has gone  to architect Hajime Narukawa’s for his ground-breaking design for a map of the world.

His map is a near-perfect representation of the continents and oceans as they exist on our spherical planet, all laid out on a two-dimensional surface.

The standard Mercator design (named after cartographer Gerardus Mercator’s map  which originally dates from 1569) see Antarctica down at the bottom of the map and not shown in full and oceans are shown in a distorted manner.

Variations of the Mercator projection have been criticised politically because they represent certain countries as much, much larger than they actually are which is not the case with Narukawa’s map. Each landmass, including Antarctica and the Arctic, is shown in its entirety.

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