New Urban Street Design course launched at Abu Dhabi University

New Urban Street Design course launched at Abu Dhabi University

Starting September 2014, Abu Dhabi University will be offering a new course entitled Urban Street Design Manual (USDM), which was launched by Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC).

Piloted in 2013, USDM was initially part of the Highway Engineering course route for civil engineering students; and after signs of its success, the course will now move on to be incorporated into the university’s architecture program as well.

Dr. Aly Nazmy, interim provost of Abu Dhabi University and the Dean of the College of Engineering said: “This initiative unveils new horizons to our engineering students, and gives them the opportunity to be introduced to this unique Manual of international calibre in urban street design.

“This coincides with our constant strive to update and enhance our curriculum to include the latest developments and practices in each specialty to meet global standards. I believe many of our engineering and architecture students will be looking forward to learning more about the USDM with the beginning of the upcoming academic year 2014- 2015.”

USDM will play an important role in developing Abu Dhabi’s streets, while simultaneously providing design and architecture students with the know-how and tools to plan, design and build safer streets and more intelligent routes.


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