New rooftop by PDI opens in Dubai

Prospect Design International (PDI) has completed 40Kong, a chic new rooftop lounge located at the H Hotel in Dubai.

Located on the 40th floor, 40Kong provides breathtaking views of the city as well as a simple layout filled with relaxed and inviting furniture.

Fady Chams, owner of PDI, said: “The effect of the location overtakes the actual design, therefore we wanted to keep the design simple and to have comfortable seating. The lighting has a lot to do with it too.

“The speakers chosen are a bit funky and different, while the lighting is all indirect, because we don’t have walls. So it was difficult to implement lighting in such a setting. The lighting comes mainly from the tables, bar and under the stairs.”

On the textiles and engraved in the wooden elements, one can admire a striped design that Chams says refers to the look of a lit up tower at night.

Chams noted: “The style that we wanted to have is when you look at skyscrapers and some of the buildings are lit. This stripe is the look we wanted to give to the place.”

PWC lines the flooring, while much of the furniture is provided by PDI and made of African teak wood and sourced textiles. The speakers were supplied by Archittetura Sonoma.

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