New caterpillar shaped structure designed in Turkey

New caterpillar shaped structure designed in Turkey

Villa Minima #3 was designed by Italian design studio LAD between January 2013 and April 2014 in Antalya, Turkey as the third installment of a five-part series of villas around the world.

The minimalistic villas are intended to appear as extensions of their existing environments, with #3 appearing as a caterpillar climbing up the edge of rocky terrain.

The private residence rests on the rocky coast of the Mediterranean Sea and measures at 1,615ft2.

The team at LAD noted: “‘Villae Minimae’ [Small Villas] is a collection of five isolated single-family villas that were developed and studied at a 1:200 scale. In all five cases, the projects were designed as ‘appendices,’ or as additions detached from larger properties but located in the immediate vicinity of those project sites.

“Thus, the villas never contain more than two bedrooms, and interior spaces are minimalisic. Beyond to pure functionality, we were explicitly requested to think of these projects as artifacts, or as machines for observing the landscape.”

The minimal villa in Antalya consists of two rooms positioned at opposite sides of the structures. This placement provides optimum views of the surrounding environment.


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