Island community proposed for Turkey

Island community proposed for Turkey

Turkish developer Serdar Inan has commissioned New York designer Dror Benshetrit to design a proposal in response to the government’s suggestion to construct a second canal in Istanbul that results in carving out one billion cubic metres of soil from Turkey’s main land.

The design would reconstitute the soil into a ground-breaking, net-positive community for 300,000 residents to live off the shore of Istanbul.

Blending “innovative design ideas, state of the art technology and cultural legacy with inspirations from the work of chief Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan” is the only request of the developer.

After a discourse with a team of experts, Dror has unveiled his proposal for the project for the first time this weekend at the Istanbul Design Week.

A 3km long net- positive island of HavvAda designed by Dror includes a 1km valley at the centre. The island is bordered by six distinctive sized hills surrounding the downtown centre of the land.

Combining the geometry of the sphere and the triangle, each hill rises on top of a mega geodesic dome that supports the hillside residences and a community life at the centre.

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