Natural features inspire Chinese complex

Natural features inspire Chinese complex

Mountains, hills and lakes are the inspiration for a new project by Chinese architect Ma Yansong who has revealed plans for a mixed-use complex in Beijing featuring skyscrapers, office blocks and public spaces.

Yansong, who leads Beijing studio MAD, designed the urban development for a site on the edge of Chaoyang Park.

Rather than creating an obstacle between the city and the green space, the architect wanted to design buildings that bring the two districts together.

“By taking the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, the architectural complex can be read as a futuristic city landscape painting,” said the design team.

“High-rise buildings act as the peaks, individual office buildings as the slope, high-end offices as the ridge and residential buildings as mountain ranges, in combination with classical landscape elements like lakes, springs, forest, streams, valleys, rocks and peaks.”

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