National Office Day launched by Office Interiors

National Office Day launched by Office Interiors

National Office Day, Office Interiors


National Office Day has been launched by Office Interiors, the new trade exhibition for the UK’s office interiors industry, and will tap into a market worth £635 million.

The office furniture market alone, is estimated to be worth £635 million according to AMA Research, and is expected to grow to reach a total value of £735 million by 2015.

An industry wide marketing initiative, the day will coincide with the first day of Office Interiors, and its purpose is to highlight the importance of well designed, effective office environments.

“We always believed that Office Interiors should be more than just another trade show, and this new initiative not only complements the event itself but also provides a fantastic cross-industry campaigning platform,” said Ali Mead, the event manager. Additional core areas covered by the event include office lighting, storage, receptions, partitioning, design and fit-out.

Diversified Business Communications UK, the organiser of the trade exhibition, has coined the tag line: “It’s time for change…” for the day.

The campaign aims to educate office managers and senior management on how a modern, well designed office is an essential component to creating a motivating, inspirational and effective, working environment, and how important it is to obtain professional advice to support the process.

National Office Day will launch with a national survey of office staff highlighting what they think of their office environment.

The campaign will draw attention to key focus areas, including the amount companies are prepared to invest in their staff’s workstations, what staff members think of their working environment, health and safety issues, and more.

The initiative will be supported with a specially-designed ‘I love my office’ logo, and a dedicated marketing and PR programme; including a dedicated website, and email and viral marketing campaign.

Involvement in the National Office Day initiative is open to all industry stakeholders.

“Whether we like it or not, the fact is that most of us spend more time in our office than we do at home, but this is rarely reflected in the investment of either time or money in providing a healthy, effective environment in which to work.

“Yet the companies that do understand this concept – clearly benefit by having better staff morale, higher staff retention rates, and a much happier work force overall. A professional office also makes customers feel more confident and reflects your corporate brand values,” Mead added.

Office Interiors has the support of industry associations, including The Association of Interior Specialists, The Furniture Industry Research Association, The British Council for Offices, The Office Furniture Advisory Service and The Society of British Interior Design.

Office Interiors will take place at Earl’s Court, London, during February 13-15, 2013.

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