Naqsh Collective to exhibit stone tables inspired by Palestinian embroidery during Venice Design 2018

Naqsh Collective to exhibit stone tables inspired by Palestinian embroidery during Venice Design 2018

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Amman-based design duo Naqsh Collective will debut its work in Venice as part of the 2018 edition of Venice Design, showcasing two stone tables that pay homage to traditional Palestinian embroidery.

Run by sister team Nisreen and Nermeen Abudail, the designers have referenced their Palestinian roots, creating the Umm Assarab and Umm Qais tables which are created by engraving stone and brass surfaces in a manner that mimics traditional embroidery. Both pieces have been crafted and produced in Amman, Jordan.

Umm Assarab table made from Basalt stone and brass. All photography by Nabil Qutaineh.

Umm Assarab pays tribute to the traditional Palestinian embroidery motif called Kheimat Al Basha (Pasha’s Tent), and is crafted using Basalt stone and brass. Umm Qais uses Botticino marble and brass, and is inspired by an embroidery unit called Shajar Nakheel (Palm Trees).

“It is when Basalt stone and Botticino marble embrace embroidery that you can spot Naqsh Collective’s tables uniting the soft and hard into one highly crafted piece,” the founders said.

“I am humbled to present our work in a city that has been at the heart of international trade and cultural exchange for centuries. It gives us the opportunity to share the stories of our ancestors and it is part of our responsibility as designers to keep traditions alive and produce new works to celebrate our history in craftsmanship and design” Nisreen Abudail added.

Umm Assarab table.

“Embroidery itself is a timeless art made on aging materials. To keep this beauty going for generations to come, Nisreen and I used materials that never dies, such as stone and brass, reflecting those motifs, and creating our own design style inspired by this art,” Nermeen Abudail explained.

Naqsh Collective has become known for marrying traditional Palestinian techniques and motifs such as embroidery with hard materials that pass the test of time, creating pieces that allow folkloric elements to evolve into a modern context.

The pieces will be showcased as part of Venice Design 2018, which runs parallel to the Venice Architecture Biennale, and is hosted by the European Cultural Centre. Taking place in Palazzo Michiel, the event will run from May 26 to November 25.

The duo have been been shortlisted for the fifth edition of the Jameel Prize, supported by Art Jameel for its piece called ‘The Shawl’.  Winners of the prize will be announced later this summer.

Art Jameel is also set to open the Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai, designed by Serie Architects. The opening date is scheduled for November 11.

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