Museum for Underwater Antiquities design contest underway

A design competition to reinvent an existing building to create a Museum for Underwater Antiquities in Greece is currently open for entries.

Organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Piraeus Port Authority S.A., the addition to the architectural design of the Cultural Coast of the port is part of a strategy for the design of a new landmark, which makes a reference to the area’s culture, tourism and sustainability.

The contest hopes to receive entries that not only designs a museum, but creates an an urban, public space in the centre of the port, which is connected with the urban fabric and its citizens.

It will also fill the gap of such a themed museum, in a country known for its maritime activities. Until recently, the building complex operated as a transit cereal stock house (SILO).

The exhibition material will include primarily archaeological finds, spanning approximately 2.000 objects, found from research and excavations conducted over the past 35 years.

According to the organisers on its website, the building’s proximity to the sea, its history and its role for the port, its distinctive architectural characteristics make this space ideal for its conversion into a Museum of Underwater Antiquities.

The design of the museum is part of the first phase regeneration of the Cultural Coast and the site occupies an area of 9,340 m2.

To find out more about the competition and how you can participate, visit the organiser’s official website.

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