Moschino joins forces with altreforme

Moschino joins forces with altreforme

Italian fashion brand, Moschino has joined forces with altreforme to create a collection of scenographic furniture inspired by Arlecchino character.

The creation of a furnishing collection signed by Moschino is commissioned to altreforme’s expertise, well-known for the innovative technology in the aluminium processing, thanks to the experience in the automotive field.

altreforme is an ambitious productive diversification established in 2008 from an idea of Valentina Fontana, third generation of Fontana Group, a leading company in the engineering and construction of aluminium car bodies for high-end automotive companies, that transfers knowhow and cutting edge technologies employed in the automotive sector to the design field.

The synergy between design and fashion gives life to original and sophisticated products, entirely realised in aluminium, characterised by style and the high quality of materials and processes made in Italy.

The colletto table, recalling the iconic Arlecchino’s collar, the maschera chair, the guanto mirror, the lively coloured camicia and pantalone cabinets, the geometric dividing panels plissé and the series of customised icona boxes with archive Moschino prints; besides the new furnishing of the collezione Arlecchino, some products of the lines, altreforme district by Marco Piva and altreforme officinal, are expected to be exhibited with an original Moschino interpretation.

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