Monster-style tower outside fire station

Monster-style tower outside fire station

A red tower resembling the head and neck of a monster is the work of Dutch designer Frank Havermans and acts as the beacon for a fire station.

With a height of almost five metres, the steel structure stands on a grassy mound outside the firefighter facility in Borger, Holland. It  was designed to draw attention to the building – a glass structure by Dutch studio AAS Architects on a road junction outside the town centre.

“KAPKAR/BB-N34(the name of the structure) is a kind of an alien appearance,” said Havermans. “It attracts people’s attention but also raises questions.

“I designed a fire lamp that functions as a watchful eye in front of the building, close to the roads and roundabout.”

The body of the tower is painted red to match the colours of the fire engines, whilea large red light is housed inside the upper section and glows out towards the road.

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