“Mondrian Doha tells stories of old legends” through local design, says Marcel Wanders

“Mondrian Doha tells stories of old legends” through local design, says Marcel Wanders

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Mondrian Doha by Marcel Wanders.


Marcel Wanders Studio has released new images of the The Mondrian Doha in Qatar, a five-star hotel designed by Wanders in collaboration with sbe.

The design draws on local knowledge and innovative materials and techniques with each space exhibiting its own identity with the aim of allowing guests to weave their own stories within a central theme that runs throughout the project.

The hotel combines Wanders’ bespoke designs and signature style, creating a multi-layered experience.

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“Many themes are layered in the hotel. With each individual space telling its own tale, guests have many different experiences, and therefore, weave for themselves a volume of stories to share,” Wanders explained.

“Stories connect us to our history, our culture and to each other. Stepping into Mondrian Doha begins the first chapter of a wonderful story that unfolds around every turn.”

Bespoke designs span from the hotel’s lobby and restaurants to its royal penthouses, VIP units, bridal suites and premium and standard rooms, reflecting local patterns, Arabic writing, historic souks and falcons. Giant columns with golden eggs, falcon video art, ornate stained glass and intricate mosaic tiling aim to inspire guests with feelings of nostalgia.

In the lobby, an oversized gold leaf bell with a crystal chandelier welcomes guests, while in the lounge, a surreal white forest is characterised by giant white Trees of Life.

“Conceptually, we have married local culture with a modern design aesthetic to compile tales told from legends through sophisticated verses of poetry,” Wanders adds.

Structurally, the building of Mondrian Doha is shaped like a falcon, with many references to the national bird of Qatar also found inside; from paintings and portraits to Falcon headpieces and ornaments.

With eight restaurants and bars, the Middle Eastern cuisine will be at the heart of Mondrian Doha’s food and beverage offering along with internationally renowned chefs. Additional hotel facilities will include an entertainment floor complete with a nightclub, rooftop pool and Skybar, an exclusive spa and a grand ballroom.

The hotel will be Wanders’ first hotel for the region and is set to open in Q2 2017.

You can see the new images unveiled of Mondrian Doha here.

Marcel Wanders at Design Days Dubai 2016.

During our interview with Wanders at last year’s Design Days Dubai, where he was showcasing his collection of limited-edition pieces, Wanders’ spoke about designing hotels as a form of destination.

“We are not trying to be interior designers, we are trying to create destinations. We are trying to create the reason people want to come and stay, not because of the bed, but because that bed is made by us. And that is a different mindset when it comes to designing hotels,” he said, during the interview.


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