Modern retrofit for historic Istanbul home

Modern retrofit for historic Istanbul home

Design firm Ofist looked to bring the present to the past when working on a contemporary refit for a centuries-old building in Istanbul.

The project concerned AD House a residential building in Cihangir, traditionally a bohemian area of the city and the designers were asked to put a modern slant on the interior – without sacrificing any of the building’s heritage.

Ofist said: “Whilst appreciating its value, we embraced its masonry brick walls, vaulted ceilings, gypsum ornaments, old floor tiles and the wooden panelling.  We added necessities with our own interpretations to fulfil the contemporary needs of its new tenant.

“We didn’t try to recreate, but chose to blend in. We took cognizance of our apprehensions and our ethical perceptions.  Refusing to take the easy way out, we added our own point of view in respect to the apartment’s history and future.”

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