Minimalist house is contrast to countryside

Minimalist house is contrast to countryside

A black-painted timber home with white windows provides a striking structure in rural France for onlookers.

The cube-shaped weekend home in Normandy is the work of Paris studio Beckmann-N’Thépé Architectes

Near to the college of Bellavilliers the house is surrounded by woodland and fields.

The architects say they designed the house as a “minimalist object”, with a simple geometric shape and only one opening on each side.

“A line diagram cube with a 50 square-metre base on the ground, black-tinted wooden wall panelling responds to the woodland environment,” said the architects in a description of the house which serves as a holiday home for four people.

Small square windows are sited on three elevations, while the fourth has glazed doors that lead out to a small terrace.

There’s also a fifth opening – a front door that is camouflaged within the cladding but revealed by a simple canopy.

A combined living room, dining area and kitchen takes up one half of the ground floor and features a double-height ceiling.

One bedroom is tucked away behind, alongside the bathroom, and a second occupies a mezzanine floor level.

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