Milan Expo expert tells Dubai “five years is nothing” for world fair plans

Milan Expo expert tells Dubai “five years is nothing” for world fair plans

Dubai pavilion, Milan Expo

The Dubai Expo may be five years in the future but organisers must go full steam ahead when it comes to finalising plans.

That is the view of Lorenzo Pallotta – the man responsible for the legacy of the Milan who will be speaking at this year’s Big 5 event, to be held in Dubai.

He said: “Time is so important. Five years is nothing. We spent the first half of our run up in debate over the partnership which will run the event. I know Dubai is well organized and possible has an easier chain when it comes to decision making. But still, allow plenty of time. Deliver the theme as soon as possible. Give participating countries a route map.”

The event should also be as closely connected to its host city as possible, architect and urban planner Pallotta said.

“Link the event with the city. Don’t leave the urban area alone,” he explained

“Get the public to recognise the theme and be part of it. We looked cat food, nutrition and energy and bought it to the public. They could taste, feel and smell produce. It was all very pointed at the future.”

The UAE’s pavilion – designed by Foster + Partners – was one of the most well-received at the Milan event, according to Pallotta.

He said: “We didn’t focus on spectacular architectural designs this time. The theme was ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. But the UAE pavilion has been one of the best.

“For the UAE it was the content which was important not just the shape of the building [which was influenced by desert dunes and traditional Arabian cities]. The UAE was honestly one of the countries which developed and interpreted the theme of the event in the right way.”

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