Miele launches new range in UAE

Miele launches new range in UAE

German company Miele has launched a new line of kitchen appliances known as the PureLine range.

Complete with built-in kitchen appliances such as ovens, steam cookers, coffee machines, microwave ovens and cooker hoods, PureLine was designed by Miele’s Andreas Enslin and his team of talented designers.

The range was inspired by modern habits and the needs of today’s consumers. Enslin notes: “The world is constantly changing and, with it, the habits and needs of our customers.

“As part of our commitment to produce products that are designed for life, we make every effort in our designs to ensure that they do not age prematurely, neither aesthetically nor technically speaking. To do that, we need to have a profound knowledge of customers’ current and future needs – and to take these seriously.”

PureLine follows a chic and contemporary style and exhibits a linear design. The products, which come in steel, white, black and brown, are versatile and user-convenient.

Miele’s new PureLine range is available at it’s Dubai showroom located in Sama Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road.

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