Middle East must utilise energy efficient materials says ICA

Middle East must utilise energy efficient materials says ICA

International Copper Association (ICA), the body promoting the use and application of copper, has urged developers and construction professionals in the Middle East to adapt the usage of energy efficiency materials, including copper.

Ravinder Bhan, the local representative of ICA, said: “One of the pressing challenges faced by urban policy makers in promoting sustainable development is the growing demand for energy, led by the massive infrastructure projects currently being undertaken. While there are concerted efforts to drive the creation of sustainable built environments, it is important that green best practices are integrated from the inception.”

He added: “By adapting green building practices, overall operating expenses and costs in terms of repair and maintenance can be reduced in the long run. Buildings also have the greatest impact on climate change with increased consumption of electricity and natural gas by the residents that are powered by plants that contribute to carbon emissions. The use of copper can significantly enhance energy use efficiencies, and thus contribute to a greener environment.”

Copper is one of the few architectural metals commonly used without the application of a coating or finish applied to retain and enhance its natural appeal and long life. Copper’s high ductility makes it easily formable so it is easy to work with and ideal for cladding complicated details and shapes.

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