Middle East shoppers demand better malls says architect

Middle East shoppers demand better malls says architect

An architect behind Qatar’s upcoming super-modern Marina Mall in Lusail believes that there is a demand for higher quality malls in the Gulf region.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Barry Hughes, HOK, said: “I think there is certainly a demand for better malls.

“If you go to any city in the world and have two shops on opposite corners of the street, the one that has the better ambiance will be more successful. We want to built the mall with the best experience in Doha.”

When asked whether there is enough population to support the new malls in Qatar, he replied: “Only time will tell. Doha is trying to create a city for the future. It is trying to manage growth and manage the cultural and commercial aspects.

“There is an element of risk for commercial developer. Time will tell whether these experiments in the Middle East will be successful.”

The three-level Marina Mall will total 60,000m2 (GLA), with an additional 10,000m2 hypermarket at basement level. It will also house cinemas, restaurants with terraced dining overlooking the marina, and spa facilities.

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