‘Public’ skyscraper designed for Mexico City

Think tank Molcajete has designed Barrio Capital, a ‘public’ skyscraper for the heart of Mexico City which responds to urban problems.

A lack of public space, inadequate parking spaces and most importantly, the limited interaction between socio-economic groups, has influenced the design and function of the scheme.

Located at busy Insurgentes Roundabout area, the site was partly chosen due to the diverse population in the area.

The skyscraper features intertwined Mobius strips which allow space for a 5km track surrounding the building as well as adding structural support to the parabolic form of the skyscraper.

Barrio Capital covers 26 levels with a total height of 330m. The first 12 levels are designed as public parking spaces, intended to provide part of the financing for the public facilities maintenance.

The remaining 14 levels will encourage social interaction with a multimedia centre containing books, music and videos for the enjoyment of the public; a public sports centre including a skate park; and a public golf range located 200m above ground level.

Between these many levels, above-ground public parks will allow space for greenery. A nursery and a children’s play zone, located above the main lobby, will also be accessible to everyone.

Yet the main attraction of Barrio Capital is the auditorium, with a capacity of 2,500 people, which will host Mexico City’s public concerts and overlook the 18th century Chapultepec Castle.

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