Masdar City will be worth the wait, says Siemens boss

Masdar City will be worth the wait, says Siemens boss

The lengthy development time of Abu Dhabi’s zero-carbon Masdar City is due to its innovative nature, according to Siemens’ head of building automation.

Siemens has a cooperation agreement with Masdar City and is focusing on the integration of renewable energy into a building automation system.

Speaking to Middle East Architect, Siemens’ Dr Hubert Keiber, said: “The speed [of devising the] original plans of Masdar and the speed of implementing the ideas is completely different. The process is slower than expected.

“But still I’m convinced they have the ideas, they have the money and they have the opportunity to test and implement new things. We have opened a centre of excellence and we have a small team in Masdar working together with the institute on research.”

He added that the innovations at Masdar will attract attention from around the world. “We want to define products and solutions to be prepared for when the [interest comes] from other countries. I’m convinced this will be the case.”

Keiber believes that future buildings will fully utilise any renewable energy that is produced on site.

He said: “Today, if you produce energy through PVs or wind turbines, the energy is just fed back into the grid. In the future, the energy produced by a building will be consumed in the building. For this you need a different set-up of building automation controls. This is why we have a cooperation agreement with Madar City – they want to go for that kind of concept.”

Keiber added that Siemens is working on over 20 projects in the Middle East, including hotel projects in Abu Dhabi.

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