MAD to design Star Wars centred US museum

MAD to design Star Wars centred US museum

Chinese architect Ma Yansong’s firm MAD is set to design Chicago’s George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which will showcase paintings, cinema and digital images.

The museum’s centerpiece exhibit, called the Art of Cinema, will feature sets from Lucas’ Star Wars films as well as a model of the Millennium Falcon spacescraft.

The installation will also include set designs from Blade Runner, Metropolis, Citizen Kane and Lord of the Rings

Yansong, 39, who has won international acclaim for museums in China and the cu Absolute Towers near Toronto said: “I feel very lucky, very exciting. George Lucas is a very creative person, and this museum will be a great cultural asset to the city of Chicago.”

He call his design it a “new type of architecture” and explained the seven-storey building will rise up like sci-fi fantasy from what is now a parking lot and blur the line between structure and nature.

Yansonga added: “A museum is more about the emotional reaction to the time, to the content that’s showing in the museum. So we want to create space that people can think, think about the land, think about the sky,” Ma said.

The building will feature a 360-degree observation deck and be sited along Chicago’s lakefront.

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