Luxury boutique Le Vault opens first UAE branch

Luxury boutique Le Vault opens first UAE branch

A new high-end retailer, Le Vault, has recently opened the doors to its first branch in the UAE, offering luxury goods to the local clientele. With brands such as Bottling, Royal Trunk, Letrone design, Horus Straps and IT ONE OFF available at Le Vault, the boutique had to opt for an interior scheme that reflected its extravagant brand identity.

Operated and owned by Samer Mashal, managing director of Le Vault, the original aim was to create a sophisticated design by applying the highest grade material and finishings available.

“The design concept was inspired by both home and a chilled lounge,” explains Mashal. “The atmosphere created was meant to be elegant as this is the direction of our business. The moment you walk into the store, you will doubt yourself whether this is the direction of our business, because as you walk into Le Vault, you will wonder whether this is a lounge or a retail space, and that is by itself a remarkable experience every client would want to feel before spending his money on a masterpiece from Le Vault.”

Le Vault’s contemporary concept had originated from Mashal’s appreciation for quality craftsmanship and bespoke designs. With the whole project costing AED2mn, some of the main materials used for the interior included gold, marble and luxurious leather.

“The combination of colours, which are mainly black and gold, represent royalty, class and an elite feeling that we are keen to portray as a brand. It is the combination of colours you see that reflects luxury and power. In addition, those are my two favourite colours—everything I wear must include something either in black or gold,” says Mashal.

Upon entering the new boutique, guests will be welcomed by discreet shadow plays, soft lighting, and opulent materials that coincide with the shop’s high-end retail brands. One such opulent material includes a 24 karat gold-plated door handle, which according to Mashal, is one of the finer design elements of Le Vault.

Additionally, everything from flooring to finishing was handled by the boutique’s main supplier D-Vision Interiors, which offers complete turn-key project management consultancy solutions to clients including the planning, design, construction and project management.

“Opening this boutique is my way of expressing appreciation of custom luxury pieces. We have opened Le Vault for the sophisticated buyer who craves elegance and luxury. I am delighted to be able to invite fashion enthusiasts with a passion for craftsmanship to visit the new boutique and experience an elite luxury that suits their lifestyle,” says Mashal.

The brands offered at Le Vault are internationally renowned luxury brands that are inspired by traditional German, Italian and American design work. With such exquisite goods available at Le Vault, the boutique also houses the Bottling Collector’s Room concept, which provides the highest security and ambience for valuables. With Collector’s Room, Dottling provides a totally secured room with high-security access, including display cabinets made out of fine materials.

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