London mayor gives green light for Garden Bridge

London mayor gives green light for Garden Bridge

Final approval has been given to Thomas Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge over the River Thames in London.

The city’s mayor Boris Johnson gave the project the green light after approval had already come from Westminster Council and Lambeth councillors.

Johnson said: “The Garden Bridge will provide a fantastic new landmark for London whilst supporting regeneration and economic growth on both sides of the Thames.

“It will create a stunning oasis of tranquility in the heart of our city and boost our plans to encourage walking in the city.”

Lambeth councilors have ruled that the bridge would need to comply with a number of stipulations – including the requirement for groups of eight or more to formerly apply to cross in order to prevent the site becoming a gathering point for protests.

Additionally cyclists may have to dismount in order to cross and the bridge it will close up to 12 times a year to host fundraising events and will be shut from midnight to 6am each day.

The bridge will measure some 6,000m2 but less than half of that – about 2,700m2 – will be planted land. It is expected to attract 30,000 visitors a day.

Heatherwick – whose other recent projects include a central park for the city of Abu Dhabi – said: “The bridge will be an extraordinarily special place, either to race across, relax in or look back at the rest of the city’s sights.”

The Garden Bridge was listed as one of the top 13 controversial projects that could change the face of London if completed. 

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