From London, with love

From London, with love

QATAR: From London’s Walton Street comes the first international boutique of British interior design service, Katherine Pooley, with doors now open in Doha, Qatar.

Having previously seen designs by Katherine Pooley, the brainchild of the firm and shop, Qatari businessman and chairman of Octagon International Qatar, Nasser H. Al Ansari, proposed the British boutique find its place in the Gulf.

Pooley’s reasons for accepting the offer also accounts the new found growth of Qatar, “a booming city,” as she called it, and one that is “rapidly growing like the rest of the Middle East.”

“It seemed like the perfect place to start a store,” she said, confiding her eagerness to open stores in the GCC, like Abu Dhabi and potentially Dubai.

Rare and exquisite objects from distant corners of the world jostle for space in the tastefully designed boutique including bespoke pieces designed by Pooley herself. Objects such as home accessories, furniture pieces, fabrics and carpets spread across the store.

“The products are mainly universal but certain things are more relevant to the region. We’ve adapted to culture,” said Pooley.

Pooley’s design approach ultimately centres on her clients’ visions, which motivates her to cater to all needs.

“My interior design style is very much about the client and not so much about me,” she confirmed, adding that, “this time, I went with a more contemporary classical approach.”

She explained how the design team managed to get more creative with the Doha boutique since its size exceeds the flagship store in London. Keeping a more neutral colour palette, Pooley highlighted the use of colours such as pale blues, light greys and creams.

Discussing design in the region, Pooley stated: “It seems like the Middle East is much more classical so next time I’m planning on having three different areas in the shop where one is very classical, one is contemporary and one is a mixture of the two. That will accommodate everyone’s needs.”

The store itself boasts a sleek metallic finish, much like a “metallic weave,” Pooley described, with diamonds encrusted on it. Sycamore wood also dominates the interior as it incorporates the use of bronze inlays.

“We have used a lot of materials that you don’t see everywhere,” Pooley explained.

The lighting design in the store is designed especially for the Katherine Pooley brand with an array of glamorous pieces.

“The lighting in the entrance hall is made out of porcelain and gold leaf,” Pooley described. “You can actually see straight through it. It definitely adds a sense of glamour to the entrance.”

Last year, Katherine Pooley won best interior designer 2012 by the Society of British Interior Design.

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