London designers launch edible water bubbles to replace plastic bottles

London designers launch edible water bubbles to replace plastic bottles

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Skipping Rock Lab has created Ooho!, an edible water bottle prototype which, after hitting target through public funding, will now become a reality.

Croundfunding platform, Crowncube raised $500k in just a few days, which will enable the London-based sustainable packaging start up to challenge plastic waste globally by placing their products at major sporting events next year.

Ooho! Encloses drinking water within an edible membrane which is made from natural seaweed extract, and can be flavoured and coloured as well as be used for other liquids including soft drinks, spirits, and even cosmetics.

The bubble-like packaging biodegrades in four-to-six weeks, thw same timeframe as a regular fruit.

The concept is designed as a direct response to the high percentage of plastic waste and the overall consumption of non-renewable resources for single-use bottles, where in America alone, people are throwing out around 35 billion plastic bottles per year.

The design first emerged in 2013 as part of the Lexus Design Award. Skipping Rocks Lab was founded by Royal College of Art (RCA) and Imperial College London masers graduates, who have been developing and perfecting the design and manufacturing process of the edible bubbles, which are now cheaper to produce than plastic bottles.

The team are planning to launch the edible water concept at UK events such as the London Marathon as well as music festival, Glastonbury.

Environmental issues have also been in the radar in the region, with Expo 2020 theme director Dr Federica Busa stating that Dubai Expo can act as focus for climate change awareness.


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