New lobby design revealed for prestigious Saudi Arabia hotel

New lobby design revealed for prestigious Saudi Arabia hotel

Designed by Her Highness Princess Al Anoud, CEO of Al Dar Design Company, Saudi Arabia’s Al Faisaliah Hotel has undergone a complete refurbishment of its main lobby.

The new lobby of the property, part of Rosewood Hotels, contains a more clean and contemporary design with additional luxury, with extensive fresh flower arrangements.

Her Highness explained: “This is one of the most popular hotel lobbies in Riyadh so it was important to understand how guests interact with the space at various times of the day. Our main goal was to maintain the welcoming spirit of Al Faisaliah Hotel while ensuring the visual language of the space was consistent with that of Al Faisaliah Hotel South lobby.”

She added: “Therefore, we continued with the Dune concept in the design of the reception areas and in our use of Islamic motifs on the columns. Warm colour palettes and optimised layout schemes invite feelings of familiarity and comfort to help guests always feel at ease. We have remained true to AlDar’s design ethos, embracing tradition and identity of place through creative and modern ways.”

Erik Sterinbock (pictured), regional vice president, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, and managing director of Al Faisaliah Hotel expressed his appreciation for the new design.

“Her Highness Princess Alanoud’s design is inspirational and we look forward to welcoming both longstanding and new guests to the hotel,” he said.

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